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Thermographic surveys have become one of the leading fault diagnostic inspections carried out for predictive maintenance. The infra red camera gives you a real time thermal image so abnormalies can be detected INSTANTLY. Any breakdown of plant or machinery is inconvenient and usually very costly in terms of production loss, therefore thermographic surveys
are an essential predictive maintenance requirement.                           

Thermographic imaging is a technique which allows you to identify faults without contact or interruption to the power supply ensuring critical plant is not affected. Our thermal camera has a temperature scale between -50 to 1500 degrees Celsius calibrated to be accurate within 0.2 degrees Celsius.

The camera also has a zoom range over 3000 meters allowing equipment like overhead power cables to be scanned under safe conditions.           

Listed below are some areas that benefits from our specialised thermographic surveys: 

- Distribution and power boards
- Transformers 
- Overhead bus bar systems
- Supply cables
- Electric motors
- Insulation & lagging
- Pipework leaks & blockages
- Underground pipework systems
- Cold storage rooms
- Medical & veterinarian applications.                                        

Following our thermographic surveys you will be provided with a detailed report which we are able to tailor to suit your requirements.  Shown below are just some examples of the reports we have produced.

Example 1 - standard template

Example 2 - Comparison between ambient and full load temperatures

Example 3 - with profille tool included

Example 4 - with isotherm and histogram included